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How to Get More Results Out of Your smallmolly com

I recently started blogging about my life and what I’m doing on a daily basis. I’m so excited to share all the wonderful things that I’m learning about myself and my life with you. I recently started this blog in hopes of sharing my journey of taking my blog from a hobby to a full time job.

After a year (and a couple of months) of working in the real estate industry, I’m at the point in my life where I’ve given up the day job and am focusing on my blog full time.

I’m actually quite happy with my life. I’m loving my job and Im loving being a mom. I have a great job and Im very passionate about what Im doing as a mom but Im not so much about what Im doing as a blogger. I really want to share my passions with you because Im pretty passionate about my passions and Im very passionate about my blog and Im not interested in anything else.

Im excited to see what I can accomplish in this life. I’m really looking forward to starting my business with you guys and I think Im going to do a great job. I think Im going to make really great money and I think Im going to have a lot of fun doing what Im doing.

A few years ago I started a blog to keep track of my son’s growth and development. I wanted to keep track of what he was doing at school, at home, with his friends, the sports team he played on, etc. I also wanted to keep track of how the things around him changed over time. I wanted it to be a way to keep track of my son and my husband that we could share on a more regular basis.

I got a lot of responses from people who said, “Oh, you’re the one that started this blog,” and then proceeded to ask me, “Why didn’t you start that blog?” or “How did you decide to start a blog?” I felt like it was time to start over. That’s why I started smallmolly.com. I started smallmolly because I wanted to keep a journal of our sons’ lives.

I love that you just said that. Thanks so much, I really appreciate it.

Yeah I would like to put that out there, but I think it might be a little too personal. Thanks for commenting.

You’re welcome.

SmallMolly is no longer a blog. You can find it at smallmolly.com. There are probably others of us who have blogs, I imagine. But I think I’ve got one now.

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