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5 Times Meghan Markle Nailed Jam-Making


Meghan Markle, the Duchess of Sussex, is not only known for her work in the royal family but also for her passion for jam-making. Over the years, she has shared her love for creating homemade jams using fresh and seasonal ingredients. Let’s delve into five instances where Meghan Markle has showcased her talent and enthusiasm for making delicious jams.

1. Royal Wedding Favor**

During her wedding to Prince Harry in 2018, Meghan Markle impressed guests by giving them a unique and personalized jam as a wedding favor. The couple chose a lemon and elderflower flavor, a nod to the wedding cake which was also infused with those flavors. This gesture highlighted Meghan’s attention to detail and love for creating thoughtful gifts for her loved ones.

2. Community Kitchen Project**

Meghan Markle initiated a community kitchen project in London to support those affected by the Grenfell Tower fire tragedy. As part of this initiative, she worked with a group of women to produce a cookbook titled “Together: Our Community Cookbook.” In this book, she shared her recipe for banana bread and homemade jam**, illustrating her commitment to using food as a means of bringing people together.

3. Charitable Jam Sales**

Meghan Markle has been involved in various charitable endeavors, and one of the ways she has raised funds is through selling her homemade jams. By partnering with organizations such as Hubb Community Kitchen, she has used her passion for jam-making to support noble causes and make a positive impact in the community.

4. Health Conscious Recipes**

In addition to traditional jam flavors, Meghan Markle has also experimented with creating healthier alternatives. She has shared recipes for chia seed jam and sugar-free fruit spreads, catering to those who are mindful of their sugar intake. This demonstrates her versatility in the kitchen and her commitment to promoting healthy eating habits.

5. Sustainable Practices**

Meghan Markle is an advocate for sustainable living, and her jam-making reflects this ethos. She sources organic and locally grown fruits to minimize environmental impact and support ethical farming practices. By being mindful of where her ingredients come from, she sets an example for environmentally conscious cooking and encourages others to make eco-friendly choices in their culinary pursuits.


Meghan Markle’s passion for jam-making goes beyond just a hobby; it reflects her values, creativity, and dedication to making a positive impact. Whether she is creating personalized wedding favors, supporting charitable causes, or promoting sustainable practices, her love for jam shines through in all her endeavors. By sharing her recipes and spreading joy through her homemade creations, she continues to inspire others to embrace the art of preserving and celebrating the simple pleasures of life.


  1. What are some popular flavors of jam that Meghan Markle has made?
  2. Meghan Markle has made lemon and elderflower, banana bread, chia seed jam, and sugar-free fruit spreads among others.

  3. Does Meghan Markle sell her jams commercially?

  4. Meghan Markle has not ventured into commercial jam-making but has used her creations to raise funds for charitable causes.

  5. How can I get Meghan Markle’s jam recipes?

  6. You can find some of Meghan Markle’s jam recipes in cookbooks she has contributed to or by exploring online resources that feature her culinary creations.

  7. Why does Meghan Markle emphasize using organic and locally grown fruits in her jam-making?

  8. Meghan Markle prioritizes sustainability and supporting ethical farming practices, which is why she opts for organic and locally sourced ingredients.

  9. What sets Meghan Markle’s jam-making apart from others?

  10. Meghan Markle’s jam-making is marked by her creativity, dedication to charitable causes, promotion of healthy alternatives, and commitment to sustainable practices, making her creations unique and impactful.
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