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India A vs Pakistan A Live Score Updates

Are you one of the millions of cricket enthusiasts eagerly awaiting every ball, every wicket, and every run of the India A vs Pakistan A match? While live streaming video feeds are a popular way to follow a game, sometimes all you need is a quick, real-time update on the score.

In this blog post, we will discuss how to get live score updates of India A vs Pakistan A matches and explore various platforms and methods through which you can stay updated with the latest happenings on the field. From websites to mobile apps, we’ve got you covered on how to keep track of the game no matter where you are.

Where to Find Live Score Updates


  1. ESPN Cricinfo: One of the most popular cricket websites, ESPN Cricinfo provides comprehensive coverage of cricket matches, including live score updates. Their ball-by-ball commentary keeps you informed about every detail of the game.

  2. Cricbuzz: Another well-known cricket website, Cricbuzz offers real-time scores, commentary, and match analysis. You can easily follow the India A vs Pakistan A match on their platform.

Mobile Apps

  1. ESPNCricinfo app: The mobile app version of ESPNCricinfo allows you to access live scores, match highlights, news, and expert analysis right on your smartphone.

  2. Cricbuzz app: The Cricbuzz app is a popular choice for cricket fans to stay updated on live scores, news, and match schedules. You can set match notifications to get alerts for key moments.

Social Media Platforms

  1. Twitter: Follow official cricket accounts, sports journalists, and cricket enthusiasts on Twitter to get live score updates, commentary, and reactions in real-time.

  2. Facebook: Like and follow cricket pages and groups on Facebook to stay connected with the cricket community and receive live updates on ongoing matches.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. How often are live scores updated?

Live scores are typically updated ball-by-ball, which means you can expect real-time updates as each delivery is bowled.

2. Can I get live score updates via SMS?

Some websites and mobile apps offer SMS alerts for live scores. You can check the settings or preferences section of the platform you are using to enable this feature.

3. Are there any reliable third-party apps for live score updates?

Yes, several third-party apps specialize in providing real-time cricket scores and updates. Ensure you download apps from trusted sources to avoid any security risks.

4. Do live score updates include other match details?

In addition to scores, live updates often include information on partnerships, wickets, milestones, player performances, and match statistics.

5. How can I ensure I don’t miss any crucial moments of the match?

Setting up notifications on your preferred platforms is a great way to receive alerts for important match events like wickets, boundaries, milestones, and result confirmations.

Stay connected with the India A vs Pakistan A match by using the aforementioned tools and methods to get live score updates. Whether you’re on the go or unable to watch the game live, these resources will help you stay informed and engaged with the thrilling cricket action.

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